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Automotive Case Studies

  • Optimizing precise metalwork
    Matrox Design Assistant powers vision system for finished part inspection

    Industry: Automotive, Fabricated Metal
    Product(s): Matrox Design Assistant, Matrox 4Sight GPm

  • Smart camera helps the wheels go 'round and 'round
    Machine vision-based assembly system fits and mounts wheels onto cars in continuous operation

    Industry: Automotive
    Product(s): Matrox Iris GT

  • Putting it all on the line
    Matrox Imaging smart camera provides the vision for engine assembly and test system

    Industry: Automotive
    Product(s): Matrox Iris GT

  • Military vehicles get the robotic touch
    Smart camera assists robot that paints camouflage patterns

    Industry: Automotive, Robotic Guidance
    Product(s): Matrox Iris P-Series

  • Small Tool, Big Potential
    3D scanning tool becomes portable with Matrox 4Sight

    Industry: Automotive
    Product(s): Matrox 4Sight

  • One part at a time
    Quick change-over automotive manufacturing inspection system based on Matrox Imaging Library and Matrox Meteor-II frame grabber

    Industry: Automotive
    Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library, Matrox Meteor-II