QuadHead2Go Q185 Multi-Monitor Controller Appliance

Scalable. Flexible. Easy-to-Deploy Video Walls.

Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controller appliance

Capable of driving four displays from one signal, the Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ Q185 multi-monitor controller appliance provides complete video wall scalability and flexibility. This system-independent appliance is designed to power any video wall configuration of any possible dimension, from any DisplayPort™ video source—reliably delivering flawless image quality across expansive video wall displays, suited for control rooms. QuadHead2Go’s on-device buttons and pre-set configurations ensure an out-of-the-box, trouble-free installation experience.


Matrox QuadHead2Go Series multi-monitor controllers are a perfect fit for many applications. Have a specific idea in mind? Contact our sales team and work together to build a solution.

Digital signage installation in subway station Control in different screens Military airplane in flight

Digital Signage

Process Control


Empty government chamber Boardroom with large table, video screens on far wall Monitoring traffic control


Corporate Communications


Scientists at workstations in lab Lecture auditorium of students, teacher at podium Industrial smokestacks with steam emerging

Science & Technology


Industrial, Automation & Production

Security camera facing parking lot of trucks Crowd facing stained glass windows in house of worship Doctors in operating room with monitor in background


House of Worship



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