City Surveillance

From fighting crime and increasing citizen safety, to protecting government and commercial properties, to monitoring traffic intersections, city surveillance serves multiple purposes. The wide network of cameras installed within city centers and around troublesome neighborhoods also plays a key role in managing the response to emergencies and major incidents.

Whether the project is limited to a single pedestrian street and town square or spans an entire city and encompasses an extensive collection of streets, stadiums, parks, and other open spaces, law enforcement and security staff need access to high-quality, fluid video feeds for live preventative monitoring.

Effective city surveillance involves considerable attention to behavioral cues, and high-frame-rate video makes it much easier for operators to read the scene and predict what is going to happen next, enabling them to pick up on a suicidal person for example, or quickly determine whether a crowd is gathering to fight or celebrate. Full-frame-rate video also creates less operator fatigue (eyestrain, migraine, etc.), resulting in longer attention spans.

Matrox Display Wall products

Featuring a comprehensive SDK that enables OEMs and A/V Integrators to customize installations based on customer-specific requirements, Matrox video display wall products have the most scalable architecture in the industry. Whether dealing with analog or IP video, these high-density, top-performance cards can achieve an expansive number of inputs and outputs with a single box, delivering high-fidelity video in real time. IP environments can also take advantage of native hardware-accelerated IP decoding directly at the controller lever, removing the need to rely on extra computers to do the decoding.

Produits pour la Sécurité