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OEM & Developer Toolkits

Matrox Tools for Hardware Design, Software Design, Skinning, OEM'ing, Re-Branding, Customization, and Control

Matrox is proud to partner with the high-tech industry's leading companies to build vertically-specialized products and solutions for applications including capture, encoding, streaming, recording, switching, video processing, decoding, display, synchronization, and remote control.

Matrox enjoys leading partner relationships for any level of value-add so solutions providers meet any and all project requirements.

Software Solutions for OEMs & Developers

  • Software tools for OEM & developers
  • Development toolkits for hardware engineers
  • User applications
  • Command-level APIs
  • Development libraries
  • Low-level hardware & software design libraries

Hardware Solutions for OEMs & Developers

  • Simple re-packaging of Matrox products
  • Custom hardware solutions
  • Sub-assemblies and modules for OEMs
  • OEM reference platform for ground-up designs using Matrox core technology

Intellectual Property Licensing

  • IP core licensing
  • Chips (ASIC)
  • Source code

Featured Product
Matrox Endea Multi-Channel Encode/Decode Platform