Matrox Turns Heads at InfoComm 2011

Orlando, Florida, USA — Matrox recently showcased its popular graphics solutions and introduced new technologies at InfoComm 2011, attended by 33,000 AV professionals from all over the world. Located in the Digital Signage Pavilion, the Matrox booth featured products that caught the attention of AV professionals interested in optimizing their digital signage, control room, and security surveillance installations.

The Matrox Mura MPX Series display wall controller boards took center stage with an attention-grabbing 4x4 video wall installation showing HD content captured and displayed by Mura MPX boards. Content on the video wall was manipulated using a variety of devices, including laptops, iPhones, and iPads. Visitors were able to see the inner workings of the Matrox-certified Trenton TVC4401 chassis engineered to hold up to six Mura MPX boards in a 4U rack mountable chassis. The features and applications of the DTI VuWall video wall controller software were demonstrated illustrating the simplicity and ease with which Matrox Mura display wall solutions can effectively meet the needs of Pro AV integrators. Mura MPX boards offer universal input capture and display in addition to matrix switching, signal conversion, video scaling and de-interlacing in a single PCI Express x16 Gen2 card. Essentially a video wall in a board – users can combine multiple Mura MPX boards within a single chassis for high-density, scalable video wall installations.

Matrox was also proud to announce its newest technology: the Avio Series of KVM extenders. Designed for use in high-performance environments, the Avio Series boasts high bandwidth and low latency transmission of uncompressed data at distances up to 1 km via fiber-optic cable. System independent, the Avio Series enables users to span the distance while ensuring image fidelity and smooth video playback with no dropped frames. Matrox Extio Series second-generation KVM extenders were also on display leveraging PCI Express bus extension technology. A two-unit setup consisting of an Extio F2408 and F2408E Expander was shown driving 8 displays over a single fiber-optic cable.

Matrox representatives were on hand to discuss additional aspects of Matrox products, including dual-GXM support for digital signage setups. With the TripleHead2Go’s unique ability to support three 1920x1080 displays at 50Hz to create digital signage canvases of up to 6 million pixels, it’s no wonder that Matrox’s little black boxes were employed behind the scenes in many partner booths this year.

Another topic of discussion was Edge Overlap, a Matrox PowerDesk feature recently enabled with the Mura MPX Series and also compatible with Matrox M-Series graphics boards and second-generation Extio Series KVM extenders. Matrox Edge Overlap simplifies multi-projector edge-blending by allowing AV integrators to achieve unified images with simple and cost-effective equipment.

For more information about Matrox at InfoComm 2011:

Graphics Pulse June 2011 - InfoComm Edition (PDF)

Interviews with the Mura and Avio Series product managers at InfoComm 2011

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