New Matrox Xenia PCI Express boards equipped with a host of new features facilitate more accurate image display

Matrox Graphics Introduces Xenia Series for Medical Imaging

Montreal, Canada, February 28, 2008—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, is excited to announce its latest products designed for medical imaging professionals—Matrox Xenia™ Series display controller boards. Supporting a wide range of displays and formats, each Xenia and Xenia Pro native PCIe x16 single-slot board drives up to three high-resolution digital displays, minimizing time required to install, configure, and deploy radiology and PACS workstations. Each Xenia output supports an 8, 10, and 13-bit independent GAMMA LUT for precise DICOM calibration of 8-bit or 10-bit grayscale and color displays, resulting in more accurate image display for viewing and diagnoses.

Xenia delivers high-resolution digital imaging, driving up to three 3 MP displays with 512 MB of on-board memory. Xenia Pro supports even higher resolutions, powering up to 4 MP for the navigation console and up to 8 MP for each imaging display, boasting 1 GB of on-board memory. Both products provide fast image loading capacity and manipulation.

Xenia's new technologies enable medical industry partners to offer more complete solutions to their customers:

Digital Luminance Correction™ (DLC™)–enables calibration packages from display manufacturers and software developers to uniformly calibrate display luminance to well-within industry standards, such as DIN, IEC, AAPM and JESRA. Matrox DLC is quick and easy to use, requiring about 90 seconds to complete from start to finish, resulting in more compliant diagnostic displays.

Dynamic Field-of-View Correction (DFC)–ewhen used with appropriate 3rd party applications, DFC reduces color and/or grayscale inaccuracies caused by different viewing angles of LCD surfaces, and provides a more uniform image perspective.

Image Color Profiling (ICP)–eXenia allows 3rd party developers to use hardware-enabled ICP with up to 13-bits of programmable color for accurate color rendering of subtle anatomical image structures.

Programmable Gamma LUTs supporting 8, 10 and 13-bit wide formats–efor the highest possible grayscale and color calibration, meeting or exceeding DICOM industry standards across the entire display.

Hardware Window IDs and LUTs–ewith multiple screen regions available, application developers can exploit hardware-accelerated window and level functionality on a specified region to maximize performance and efficiency while reducing image load times.

"We are very excited about our new Xenia Series of display controller boards," says George Rigas, business development manager of medical imaging, Matrox Graphics, Inc. "Xenia Series represents a new level of imaging, with a wide range of features previously unavailable, all designed to assist a variety of application developers to exploit the power of Xenia's architecture for years to come."

Please visit Matrox at ECR 2008 (Booth #539, Expo E) to learn more about what Xenia Series can do for you.

Samples may be ordered for development and validation purposes. Please contact Matrox for availability.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

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