CHILI GmbH implements hardware accelerated features of the Matrox Xenia Series

Montreal, Canada, November 19, 2008— Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, is pleased to announce that CHILI GmbH is tapping into several new hardware-based image processing functions using the advanced features of the Matrox Xenia™ Series display controller boards.

The development potential for increasing hardware-accelerated performance via hardware LUTs, multiple hardware window IDs, and additional hardware features, Xenia Series is a flexible and expandable solution for medical imaging developers and integrators looking for leading edge technology.

"We are very happy to provide our customers with solutions that combine the features of the CHILI product family with the performance of the Matrox Xenia Series," says Andre Schroeter, one of the founders and CTO of CHILI GmbH. "The hardware LUTs and hardware window IDs will give real performance benefits for volume reporting of high resolution images. Also the ability to connect three (3) displays to a single controller with a single driver is very important to us."

Matrox Xenia is the first native PCI Express single-slot board with all-digital, triple-monitor output and the flexibility to drive practically any known display configuration. Xenia Series supports resolutions from under 1MP up to 8MP, with up to 1GB of on-board memory, and features new technology to ensure optimum display calibration (via Matrox DLC™ and 8/10/13-bit gamma LUTs).

"Matrox and CHILI GmbH have cooperated in recent years to implement new hardware capabilities for medical imaging," says George Rigas, Business Development Manager for Medical Imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. "By utilizing the new hardware accelerated features on the Xenia Series, overall CPU usage is reduced while performance and efficiency increased within the same application."

About CHILI GmbH

CHILI GmbH develops software components for radiology and other fields of medicine involving image processing such as cardiology and pathology. The CHILI suite includes: PACS, workstations, web based image distribution, Teleradiology, image-import and -export workplaces, an electronic telemedicine record and IHE-compliant communication modules. Customers include medical practices, small and medium sized hospitals and university hospitals. Not only imaging departments use CHILI systems. The doctors who refer patients to them also use CHILI systems to increase their efficiency and cut costs, as well as increasing the quality of the health care they provide. The software is developed by CHILI GmbH in Heidelberg, Germany, and is based on scientific research conducted in partnership with the German Cancer Research Center, also located in Heidelberg. CHILI provides turnkey solution customized to meet the specific needs of the customers. This is achieved with modular and distributed client-server software architecture. CHILI products and services are available directly from CHILI GmbH and from international partners. The infrastructure components (for example, DICOM and HL/7 Services) are also integrated in other environments as OEM products. The software is running in daily routine in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Greenland and the USA. For more information, visit

For more information, or to see a demo, CHILI GmbH representatives will be on hand at both MEDICA & RSNA.

About Matrox Graphics Inc.

Matrox Graphics is a leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professional markets. In-house design expertise, top-to-bottom manufacturing, and dedicated customer support make our solutions the premier choice in industries that require stable, high-reliability products. Founded in 1976, Matrox is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with representation and offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact us.

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