Matrox introduces Hardware MPEG solution for large scale visualization

New Streaming Media Decoder provides the ability to decode and display various streaming formats in real time

Montreal, Canada, September 24th, 2007 — Matrox Graphics Inc. the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, today announced the Streaming Media Decoder (SMD) for its Display Wall controller product line. The SMD targets large-scale visualization of digital streaming video, and integrates with existing Matrox Display Wall products. With the increasing importance of network-centric infrastructure for security monitoring, command & control, and utilities management, the ability to decode and visualize IP streams has become a requirement for many display wall systems. Matrox now offers an extremely versatile and modular solution for simultaneous capturing, decoding, and displaying IP streams distributed over an IP network-in real time.

Streaming Media

The Matrox SMD solution supports multiple encoding standards such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 (MPEG-4AVC). The product is also capable of decoding non-standard compression techniques, effectively becoming a hardware abstraction layer for various streaming devices such as network(IP) cameras. Thanks to unique Matrox plug-in mechanism, additional formats or compression schemes can be supported with minimal engineering overhead.


The new Matrox SMD is compatible with the VPX and PPX line of display wall controller cards. As a result, system integrators and OEMs have the ability to develop compositing systems that include a display grid of up to 64 devices and capture a mix of video over IP, CCTV (analog video), as well as RGB/DVI capture devices.

Availability and More Information

The Matrox SMD will be available through authorized integrators and OEMs in Q4'07. For more information regarding the Stream Media Decoder or any product in the Display Wall product line, please contact Matrox at

About Matrox Display Wall Controllers

With the capability to drive up to 64 monitors from a single Windows server, the Matrox PPX and VPX family of controllers are ideal building blocks for display wall controllers. With the most scalable architecture in the industry, these products enable OEMs and A/V Integrators to customize installations based on customer specific requirements. Each product family includes output and input (capture) board level products:

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

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