New Matrox PowerDesk feature enhances view of content across multiple displays

Matrox Bezel Displacement designed for digital signage professionals set to captivate audiences

Montreal, Canada, November 6, 2007 — Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announces the release of Matrox Bezel Displacement for digital signage. This unique-to-Matrox feature provides image compensation for the physical border of monitor bezels, allowing multi-display content to appear as if it is passing behind the bezels for a more realistic and attractive look. Content across multiple displays no longer looks distorted since the monitor bezels that cause the image to appear elongated and unnatural are now recognized and adjusted for. The feature is simple and easy to use, and its effect is very valuable in digital signage applications.

"Matrox created Bezel Displacement to make multi-display digital signage content look more compelling and eye-catching," says Ron Berty, Matrox Business Development Manager - Digital Signage. "We believe content is king, but content alone is not enough. It must be presented correctly in order to make the greatest impact. This feature helps deliver a more refined message when stretching dynamic content across multiple displays."

With support for both 2x2 and nx1 (horizontally aligned) landscape display configurations, this feature recognizes and removes the section of multi-display imagery that crosses the display bezels. Matrox Bezel Displacement treats the multi-display image as one area–across all displays–including the region occupied by the bezels. As a result, scrolling text, images and video appear more legible and appealing to the eye. For more information on Matrox Bezel Displacement visit See it right with Matrox Bezel Management.

Additional Information and Availability

Matrox Bezel Displacement is available on Matrox QID Series (QID LP PCIe, QID LP PCI, QID Pro and QID) and upon request on Matrox Extio F1400 and F1420 Remote Graphics Units (RGU). The feature is supported with Matrox PowerDesk-SE 2.04 driver and above.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

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