Matrox Graphics medical imaging display controller boards driving Partner booth displays at UKRC 2007

What's happening:

Matrox Graphics display controller boards designed for medical imaging will be featured in various Partner booths—Sectra, Eizo Nanao Technologies, and FUJI FILM, to name a few—at the UKRC show in Manchester, United Kingdom


Monday, June 11 to Wednesday, June 13, 2007


G-Mex & MICC Centre
Manchester, UK

Featured products:

Matrox MED™ Series, Matrox RAD7™ Series, Matrox AuroraVX™ Series, and more.

About Matrox display controller boards for medical imaging

Matrox display controller boards for medical imaging offer a wide range of display output options, display resolution capabilities and features to suit the demanding needs of medical imaging professionals. Matrox AuroraVX™ Series is a low profile, single board PCI Express solution that can power up to three displays-one Navigation Console Display, along with two Twin Imaging Displays-from a single board. Matrox MED7™ Series display controller boards represent a top-to-bottom solution capable of a scope of display configurations for landscape and portrait modes ranging from two through five mega pixels, such as the Matrox MED2mp, Matrox MED3mp, Matrox MED4mp and Matrox MED5mp, and includes a variety of grayscale and color models with analog and digital display support. With dual output support for grayscale or color, analog or digital displays, Matrox RAD™ AGP, PCI and PCIe display controller boards continue Matrox's world-renowned tradition of imaging excellence. The Matrox TheatreVUE™ Series boasts the ability to clone any portion of the primary display to an analog projector or large-screen display, making it the ideal solution for theatre-style classrooms and operating room environments. Matrox OEM technology is also used in medical imaging solutions such as angiography, C-Arm and mobile X-Ray, cardiology, patient monitoring and ultrasound.

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