MMatrox Graphics and Larivière collaborate to deliver new medical imaging projection technology

Matrox TheatreVUE to be bundled with Larivière AcuScreen DICOM-compliant calibration kit and Canon projectors

Montreal, Canada, January 16, 2007—Matrox Graphics Inc., is pleased to announce its technology partnership with Larivière GmbH, pairing Matrox TheatreVUE™ display projection controller boards with Larivière's AcuScreen® for LCD/DLP and D-ILA Projectors solution and Canon's XEED projector with LCOS-Technology. A DICOM-compliant projection solution supporting DICOM Part 14 calibration for LCD/DLP and D-ILA projectors, the AcuScreen for Projectors solution allows for the proper presentation and calibration of images such as X-Rays and Ultrasound images. This projection solution may be used in medical imaging projection environments, including medical trainings, presentations, and case review. With Matrox TheatreVUE display projection controller boards, users can now experience calibrated projected images for pristine visual quality when using the AcuScreen for Projectors solution, achieving an outstanding medical imaging projection configuration.

Larivière's AcuScreen for Projectors solution is comprised of software, hardware and a customized optical interface for projectors, and features a USB connection and gamma correction applied through Matrox TheatreVUE display projection controller board in the PC.

"We are happy to see the calibration results of AcuScreen for Projectors combined with Matrox TheatreVUE display projection controller board," says Michael Beaugrand, manager, medical digital imaging department, Larivière."Together, Matrox TheatreVUE and the AcuScreen for Projectors package will allow medical professionals to view calibrated, high-quality images such as X-Rays using a projector, rather than crowding around a single display."

Using Matrox TheatreVUE display projection controller boards along with the AcuScreen for Projectors package, users can easily clone a section of the screen, up to the entire display, to the projector for easier viewing of specific images or image areas. Also featured in the package is a dual-projection capability, whereby two boards in a system are each capable of supporting a medical display and a projector, for the display of multiple simultaneous images.

"High-quality digital images are extremely important in medical imaging," says Harold Larivière, president/CEO, Larivière GmbH."Our AcuScreen calibration software helps ensure consistent color and grayscale video display performance."

"Matrox is pleased to work with Larivière in bundling its AcuScreen for Projectors solution with the Matrox TheatreVUE display projection controller board," says George Rigas, business development manager, medical imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc."Being able to clone any region of a medical display and have it projected full-screen on to a projector allows educators and operators to effectively communicate to a wide audience their message. And, combined with Larivière's calibration solution, Matrox TheatreVUE allows medical imaging professionals to review cases with more detail and accuracy."

About Larivière

Founded in 1997, Larivière Präsentationsysteme GmbH delivers presentation solutions to the medical community. The newly-opened Medical Digital Imaging business unit offers DICOM-compliant projection solutions to the radiology and mammography fields. Larivière offers a broad range of complementary and functionally-rich products, installed at over 2,100 customer sites. For additional information, please contact Michael Beaugrand at

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

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