S-CAPE bundles Matrox Onyx Series with multi-console monitor systems for the OR

Matrox Onyx Series added to current Matrox Equinox Series bundle

Montreal, Canada, November 12, 2007— Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced that S-CAPE, a provider of medical imaging viewing systems, is bundling Matrox Onyx™ Series–a companion display controller board to Matrox Equinox™ Series graphics extension units-with its image viewers. The latest bundle builds upon S-CAPE's current bundle with Matrox Equinox Series.

Housed in a hygienic casing, S-CAPE's image viewer allows medical imaging professionals to view patient images within an operating room without compromising safety or viewing flexibility. Combined with Matrox Onyx and Equinox Series, operating room staff now has more display output options than before.

Matrox Equinox Series brings pristine image quality from a single PC computing station to remote displays. This allows hospitals to replicate OR displays, distribute medical information to various locations, and provide operator access to data, audio/video, and imagery. Using fiber-optic cable allows each Equinox station to be located up to 250m (820 feet) away from the PC.

Used with Equinox, Onyx–a PCIe, fan-less companion board to Matrox Equinox Series–reproduces Equinox medical display and imaging capabilities onto displays next to the host PC, allowing OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries outside the OR. The introduction of Onyx reinforces Matrox's dedication to providing OR staff with the best solutions for their video and data imaging needs.

"Adding Matrox Onyx to our bundled offering translates into an even more flexible solution for our customers," says Uwe Seidel, general manager, S-CAPE. "Matrox Onyx combined with Equinox Series and our image viewer, provides the planning and control room staff with the information needed for a successful surgery."

"Matrox is happy that S-CAPE has chosen Matrox Onyx Series companion board to bundle with Matrox Equinox Series and its image viewer," says George Rigas, business development manager, medical imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. "The combined features of Onyx and Equinox together with S-CAPE's image viewer will allow OR personnel to view pristine images in the OR, planning and control rooms for unparalleled display options."

About S-CAPE

Adapted to the sensitive medical imaging sector and the requirements of its customers', S-CAPE® offers multiconsole, high performance, front-end-systems for hospitals, and more specifically, for operating theatres. Our products are characterized by high quality and an emphasis on hygienic processing. S-CAPE formed a co-operation with the company Gerätebau Felix Schulte GmbH & CO. KG in Warstein. Gerätebau Felix Schulte GmbH & CO. KG with over 50 employees has the know-how of more than 50 successful years development and production of PLANILUX® image viewers. This strong co-operation offers our customers high reliability, flexibility as well as a very good cost-performance ratio. Furthermore our medical products are certified and adapted to the newest medical standards.

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