NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH bundles new MD205MG mammography displays with Matrox MED5mp 10-bit display controller board for accurate image viewing

Latest bundle produces stellar image quality for more accurate diagnosis

Montreal, Canada, September 18th, 2007 — Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced that NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH, is bundling the Matrox MED5mp 10-bit display controller boards with its new NEC MD205MG mammography display. This latest bundle–which boasts a resolution of 2048x2560, and a pixel pitch value of 0.156 millimetres–takes advantage of the advanced visualization capabilities of both the NEC display and the Matrox MED5mp display controller board, and provides the ability to display even minute tissue formations.

With the 10-bit grayscale reproduction of the NEC MD205MG, NEC Display Solutions has produced an LCD screen for graduated presentation of grey tones with extraordinarily fine detail. The equipment is able to simultaneously reproduce up to 1,024 shades of gray from a palette of 3,061.

"Matrox is pleased to extend its 10-bit, 5 MP technology to the NEC MD205MG mammography display, by way of the Matrox MED5mp," says George Rigas, business development manager for medical imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. "Mammography imaging requires technology capable of displaying the most dense areas for which our technology, combined with NEC's new display, is an ideal candidate."

Matrox MED Series display controller boards, including the Matrox MED2mp, Matrox MED3mp, Matrox MED4mp and Matrox MED5mp, supports landscape and portrait modes, and brings advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market with extensive multi-monitor support, pristine image quality, and robust drivers.

"The new NEC-Matrox 5 MP bundle allows for the reproduction of tissue structures for diagnosis," says Clemens von Braunmuehl, manager of product management of flat panel displays, NEC Display Solutions Europe. "Our SA-SFT panel which is integrated in the MD205MG display is manufactured in NEC's LCD factory in Japan and represents the latest IPS-technology in the market."

About NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH has its European headquarters in Munich, Germany, and is responsible for all business activities in EMEA, divided into the four sales regions Northern Europe, Western and Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern and South-East Europe with Middle East/Africa. NEC Display Solutions benefits from the technological know-how and the technologies of the NEC Corporation and, with its own Research and Development, is one of the world's leading manufacturers offering the widest product range of display solutions in the market. The display product portfolio ranges from entry-level to professional and specialty desktop LCDs via large-size Public Displays for Digital and Retail Signage (LCD and Plasma technology) to Plasma displays for home cinema applications. The Projector range offers products for all needs, from portable via business projectors to products for permanent operation as for PoS applications and digital cinema projectors. Managing Director of the European head office is Bernd Eberhardt. For more information, please visit us online at

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