Matrox at ITEM 2007

The ITEM 2007 show in Yokohama Japan was a great success for Matrox Graphics, with its various display controller boards for medical imaging represented in over 20 partner booths across the show floor.

A combination of Matrox MED™ Series and Matrox RAD™ Series, were demonstrated driving three Totoku 3 MP displays. One of the main benefits of this combination is that both boards use a unified set of drivers and 3 monitors can be used rather than a dual set up when just using one board.

Matrox AuroraVX™ Series allows users to power three monitors from one board. Matrox demonstrated an NEC with two 10-bit Chi Lin displays, and 10-bit software from Fenics. This configuration lets customers see 1024 simultaneous shades of grey.

The Matrox MED Series board drove two Eizo 3 MP displays, along with eFilm software

In addition, Matrox gave a glimpse of its Upcoming Technology, geared toward enhancing operating room display configurations and productivity.

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