Matrox at ECR 2007

Partners continue to choose Matrox display controller boards to drive workstations in booth

Matrox Partners demonstrated Matrox display controller technology for medical imaging at ECR 2007. Partners chose from boards such as the Matrox MED™ Series, Matrox RAD™ Series, Matrox AuroraVX™ Series and Matrox TheatreVUE™ Series, to run with their medical imaging solutions and to provide them with the most flexible display output capabilities. Some of the exhibitors are below.

Matrox Graphics is a leader in producing display controller boards designed for medical imaging, and have been adopted by medical imaging companies around the globe. Matrox display controller boards meet the needs of medical imaging professionals and are designed for multi-modality PACS workstations and large screen presentation solutions. Matrox also designs OEM technology solutions for integration in cardiology, angiography, mobile W-ray, patient monitoring, ultrasound, and other modalities.

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