Matrox 10-Bit Technology Enhances Diagnostic Display Interpretation For Radiologists

Medical industry leaders choose Matrox for increased acuity and resolution

Chicago, Illinois, USA, November 25, 2007—Matrox Graphics Inc., is pleased to announce that market acceptance is growing steadily for Matrox 10-bit solutions. As a leading supplier of 10-bit display controller boards, Matrox MED™ and AuroraVX™ Series are bundled with the widest range of 10-bit medical displays and applications for medical imaging. Matrox partners continue to deploy 10-bit solutions using Matrox technology, providing medical imaging professionals with more detailed and realistic images for more accurate diagnoses.

Matrox has been supplying 10-bit display controller boards for medical imaging professionals for many years. 10-bit solutions can display up to 1,024 simultaneous shades of gray, while 8-bit solutions are limited to 256 simultaneous shades of gray. This improved resolution results in higher image quality and reduced eye fatigue. Presenting radiologists with an increased number of gray shades at one time provides a more complete picture and may reduce time spent window-levelling, facilitating accurate interpretation and increasing efficiency. With an ever-increasing number of 10-bit applications using Matrox technology being developed for medical imaging, radiologists and their patients will benefit from the increased data shown on their displays.

"Studies have shown that the human eye can see more than 256 levels of gray at once. With the medical imaging world transitioning away from traditional film, maximizing the number of just-noticeable differences is key," says George Rigas, business development manager for medical imaging, "Matrox 10-bit technology continues to provide medical display manufacturers and software developers with the tools they need to deploy 10-bit medical imaging to their customers, offering them a significant advantage over traditional 8-bit solutions."

Clear Benefits Of 10-Bit Image Viewing

Read more about what industry leaders have to say about the benefits of 10-bit technology:"Cedara Software has always been at the leading edge of imaging technology in order to help our OEM and imaging company customers get the right solutions to their end user customers. The Matrox 10-bit display controller board is an important accompaniment to our imaging software solutions," says Peter Bascom, VP Engineering and Product Management, Cedara Software.

"Eizo and Matrox have collaborated for many years to provide a variety of 10-bit simultaneous grayscale displays to our customers, allowing 1,024 tones to be displayed simultaneously for high-definition medical imaging." says Kazuhide Shimura, managing officer of the Strategy Group, Products and Business Development at Eizo Nanao Corporation.

"Displaying 10-bit images offers increased image data to radiologists, especially in mammography, where the images are so dense. Using a Matrox 10-bit solution allows the radiologist to see more shades of gray, while image manipulation such as window & leveling remains smooth," says Jérémy Clech, CEO of Fenics.

"FIMI's 10-bit displays combined with Matrox 10-bit display controller boards provide a substantial increase in the number of viewable shades of gray: 1,024 shades of gray as opposed to 256 shades. This is especially important in areas such as mammography," says Carlo Martignoni, Account Manager Medical Displays, FIMI Srl.

"Merge Healthcare is pleased to be working with Matrox and Eizo to deliver one of the first mammography workstations utilizing the advanced 10-bit display controller board. Our customers will be pleased with the enhanced visualization capabilities in this solution." says Tim Kulbago, VP Engineering and Product Management, Merge Healthcare.

"10-bit technology allows for the graduated presentation of gray tones with extraordinarily fine detail. As a result, 10-bit technology is perfectly suited for areas such as mammography, where images are dense and require technology capable of displaying gray levels accurately," says Clemens von Braunmuehl, NEC Display Solutions Europe.

"Using the 10-bit Matrox MED Series allows Planar's Dome monitors to display four times the grayscale resolution of standard LCD displays, offering performance consistent with the demanding specifications desired by medical imaging customers," Brent Michael, Director of Sales, Planar.

Matrox Solutions

Matrox 10-bit solutions include the Matrox MED and AuroraVX Series display controller boards supporting landscape and portrait modes, and bringing advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market with extensive multi-monitor support, pristine image quality, and robust drivers. These products are capable of driving various combinations of color and grayscale displays in portrait and/or landscape modes with at an 8- or 10-bit display output for either 256 or 1024 simultaneous displayable shades of gray, making it possible to drive a wide range of 8- and/or 10-bit capable displays.

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