Matrox Epica Enables Multiple Monitors with Fujitsu Siemens Computers Products

Montreal, Canada, September 11, 2007— Matrox Graphics, the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, today announced the support of its Matrox Epica multi-display thin computing technology with Fujitsu Siemens Computers FUTRO S400 thin clients and ESPRIMO C5910 ultra small form factor PCs. By combining Matrox Epica technology with these well established products, users gain access to larger screen real estate allowing for greater visibility and efficiency.

The Epica TC2 dual-head graphics card and Epica software suite are available as an upgrade option on the Fujitsu Siemens Computers FUTRO S400 thin clients and ESPRIMO C5910 ultra small form factor PCs. The FUTRO S400 is a small, but powerful thin client designed for thin computing. It offers embedded Linux (eLux NG) or Windows XP Embedded (XPe) operating systems with ICA / RDP protocol and terminal emulations. The ESPRIMO C5910 ultra small form factor PC presents the latest in chipset and processor technologies.

"Enabling multiple screens on thin clients without the proper desktop management tools would be counter-productive," says Mohamed Jivraj, product manager, Matrox Graphics. "Users are often frustrated by dialog boxes that appear between monitor bezels, and program windows that maximize across all displays. With Matrox Epica, users have access to multiple screens and the best software to manage program windows across all of them."

Matrox Epica technology incorporates hardware that includes dual-head (Epica TC2 and Epica TC2-Lite) and quad-head (Epica TC4) graphics cards. Key features include low power consumption, support for high-resolution digital or analog displays, and many wide-screen resolutions. Pivot* or rotation capability is also supported. The Matrox Epica software suite comprises Matrox PowerDesk Epica, which enables multi-display awareness for remote desktops, and Matrox PowerSpace Epica, which provides multi-display virtual desktop workspaces. Matrox Epica supports RDP and Citrix ICA clients on Windows platforms. On Linux platforms Linux ICA clients and rdesktop are supported.

Additional Information

For more information on purchasing Fujitsu Siemens products with integrated Matrox Epica graphics cards email, 1-800-361-1408 (North America). For more information on Matrox Epica hardware and software, visit the Matrox Epica series page.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

*Pivot mode support is available on Epica TC2 and Epica TC4 models only.

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