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Matrox Medical Perspective Interview with Ampronix, Inc.

Medical imaging technology leader Ampronix selects versatile Matrox Xenia display controller boards for imaging workstations

Montreal, Canada, September 24, 2009 — Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, today announced a medical perspective interview with Ampronix Incorporated. Matrox Medical Perspectives is a series of dialogs with key medical partners sharing their experiences with Matrox display controller boards for the medical imaging market.

Ampronix, a leading distributor in the medical imaging technology industry, required a versatile display controller board that worked with a wide range of their existing solutions. Ampronix selected Matrox Xenia Series™ boards—featuring up to 1 GB of on-board RAM for fast image loading capacity/manipulation, and support for up to three high resolution digital displays—to integrate into imaging workstations designed for PACS administrators and radiologists, clinical engineers, and hospital IT staff.

"Running more than two displays on a Vista based platform is obvious, but most of our customers are running XP and find that the 1GB of RAM Matrox Xenia offers is a great advantage," says Jim Lindsay, Technical Product Manager, Ampronix. "In the past, medical imaging was primarily static and most of the graphics controllers were limited in their performance. That has changed."

With the development potential for enhancing hardware-accelerated performance via hardware LUTs, multiple hardware window IDs, and additional hardware features, Xenia Series is a flexible and expandable solution for medical imaging developers and integrators looking for leading edge technology.

Read the complete dialog: Matrox Medical Perspectives with Ampronix

About Ampronix, Inc.
Ampronix, headquartered in Irvine, California, has been a leading supplier for the medical industry with imaging technology solutions since 1982. An international master distributor and multi-brand vendor, Ampronix provides “Suite Solutions” for imaging needs, DICOM connectivity, Analog to Digital conversions, PACS integration peripherals, Clinical and Diagnostic workstations as well as operating a full, factory authorized service center offering HOT-SWAP exchanges for ensuring the continued up-time of life-critical imaging hardware. For more information visit Ampronix or send us an email to info@ampronix.com.

About Matrox Graphics
Matrox Graphics is a leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professional markets. In-house design expertise, top-to-bottom manufacturing, and dedicated customer support make our solutions the premier choice in industries that require stable, high-reliability products. Founded in 1976, Matrox is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with representation and offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

For more information, visit Matrox Xenia Series display controller boards product pages or contact Matrox Graphics directly.

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