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Matrox Graphics at ECR 2008

Vienna, Austria — The 2008 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) brought together more than 17,800 professional medical and industry delegates at the Austria Center in Vienna. It was here that Matrox Xenia™ Series made its debut, powering three high-resolution displays from a single PCIe board and featuring several new technologies including Matrox Digital Luminance Correction™ (DLC) and programmable gamma LUTs supporting 8-, 10-, and 13-bit wide formats. Matrox demonstrated its MED™ Series 10-bit display controller boards powering 10-bit medical displays and running 10-bit image viewers from both Cedara and Fenics. Equinox™ and Onyx™ Series were also shown driving displays for–and enabling communication between–the digital OR and control room.

Many Matrox display partners were present at ECR 2008, including Eizo, NEC, Planar, and Totoku, as well as one of Matrox’s newest partners, iEi, whose PACSmate displays are bundled with Matrox MED5mp and Onyx boards. Eizo chose Matrox MED3mp to drive a pair of 3-megapixel 10-bit grayscale displays in their booth, while NEC chose Matrox MED5mp to drive a pair of 5-megapixel 10-bit grayscale displays and RAD PCIe for their LED-backlight technology demo. Matrox display controller boards drove a large number of Totoku ME and CCL Series medical displays and Totoku’s partner MeDiSol also had Matrox Equinox and Onyx running in Totoku’s booth.

Matrox products were well represented within PACS systems throughout the show floor. A few of the industry leaders who chose to integrate Matrox boards within their PACS and/or mammography workstations include: Carestream, Evorad, Fujifilm, Image Diagnost, Med.e.Com, Merge Healthcare, Philips, Rogan-Delft, and Sectra. Matrox products were also used by other medical imaging companies to whom image quality is particularly important. Results from ContextVision’s image enhancement software were shown on displays powered by a Matrox MED Series board, and high quality images from Swissray’s direct digital Radiography system were also shown on displays powered by Matrox MED Series.

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