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Matrox Graphics Announces Digital Luminance Correction Technology

Matrox Digital Luminance Correction Technology provides uniform calibration of display luminance enabling more accurate diagnostic readings

Montreal, Canada, February 5, 2008—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced its latest medical imaging technology–Digital Luminance Correction™ (DLC)–that will enable calibration packages from display manufacturers and software developers to uniformly calibrate display luminance to well-within industry standards. Available on upcoming Matrox display controller boards designed for medical imaging, Matrox DLC is quick and easy to use, requiring about 90 seconds to run from start to finish.

A growing number of medical imaging professionals are moving from film viewed on traditional light boxes to digital images viewed on displays. LCD displays are unevenly illuminated from one edge to another, and from the centre to any edge. This creates inconsistent viewing conditions across a screen and between multiple displays, and correction for this type of uneven luminance is still unavailable in many displays. Since grayscale properties can vary with luminance variations, non-uniform luminance may introduce discrepancies affecting diagnosis and increase the total time allocated for a reading.

Matrox addresses this issue with its DLC technology that enables display and software calibration partners to adjust the degree of discrepancy from the centre to each corner, bringing display luminance uniformity within global industry standards as defined by DIN, IEC, AAPM and JESRA. The DICOM calibration process involves measurements taken at the centre of the display–correcting luminance uniformity with Matrox DLC ensures DICOM compliance on all regions of the display. In addition, using Matrox DLC for luminance uniformity on color displays ensures better image color accuracy.

Benefit to medical imaging professionals
With Matrox DLC, DICOM calibration now becomes a whole-screen solution instead of being a centre-of-the-screen solution. Medical imaging professionals will save time and be more confident in their diagnosis knowing that the grayscale properties of the image they are viewing are more consistent, regardless of where they are looking on the screen.

Benefit to healthcare institutions
Matrox DLC allows hospitals and clinics to calibrate the displays they have chosen to deploy, adjusting for possible inconsistencies in luminance uniformity. As the luminance conditions of the displays deteriorate over time, hospitals can re-calibrate as required in order to ensure they continue to meet industry standards, maximizing their return-on-investment. And when displays must be replaced, Matrox DLC will help staff to quickly calibrate the displays, reducing downtime.

Benefit to display manufacturers
Display manufacturers incorporating Matrox DLC technology can eliminate the tedious process of matching displays for similar luminance characteristics and overall uniformity (currently employed by many), as well as providing their customers with a higher level of on-site calibration and quality assurance service.

Benefit to calibration application developers
Developers will be able to offer customers a more comprehensive DICOM display calibration package by incorporating Matrox DLC as a simple step within the calibration process.

See DLC in action at the Matrox booth at ECR: booth #539, Expo E.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact graphics@matrox.com.

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