AV over IP

How to Sell AV-over-IP Technologies | Matrox Webinar

AV over IP Streaming Protocols | Matrox Webinar


Navigating the AV-over-IP Landscape

A Podcast Series from Matrox and Sound & Video Contractor


Part 1

SVC contributor Phil Hippensteel talks with Ron Berty, Business Development Manager and Dave Chiappini, VP of Research and Development for AV-over-IP Solutions at Matrox.

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Part 2

More detail on compression and network latency, managing bandwidth and using V-LANs to separate network traffic.

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Part 3

Approach to cabling infrastructure for AV over IP systems; details on the Matrox PowerStream control software. Podcast concludes with the future of Matrox in video capture, KVM and compression tech.

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