Enabling triple wide screen modes

To access TripleHead2Go Digital Edition's new triple widescreen modes of 3x1680x1050, 3x1440x900 and 3x1366x768, you must download the latest firmware utility and PowerDesk software. Before downloading the software, please make sure that your system meets the following criteria:

  1. Your system must have a dual-link DVI connector and must be running a Microsoft Windows® XP or Windows Vista® operating system (not Mac compatible).
  2. Your graphics card should be a compatible DirectX® 10 GPU with the latest graphics driver version installed. To check, download the GXM System Compatibility tool.

Download Instructions

  1. Download latest Graphics eXpansion Module (GXM) firmware utility.
  2. Double-click on vxp2k_THDE_v2.3.40.t6.56.exe. A window opens.

Note: The serial number, firmware version, and EEPROM table might be different on your Matrox unit.

3. Click on "Update your Matrox hardware" and select the file THDE_v2.3.40.t6.56.pkg. Click "Open".

A confirmation window is displayed providing the estimated time for completion.

4. Click OK to continue. Wait for the progress bar to finish. You are asked to restart your system.

5. After rebooting your system, install the GXM software suite 2.05.00 or later and reboot your system again.

6. Launch the wizard from the windows programs menu.

7. Select the TripleHead option.

8. Select the desired mode and click "Next".

You have successfully downloaded and installed the triple widescreen resolution software.