Matrox PowerWall Software and API

Video wall designs and installations made easy

Matrox® PowerWall™ is an advanced yet easy-to-use management software included with Matrox QuadHead2Go™ multi-monitor controllers. Designed to simplify video wall designs and installations, Matrox PowerWall software allows the QuadHead2Go devices to be set up in three quick steps—discover, configure, and deploy. Integrators can install and use the intuitive software in offline mode to customize configurations of any type and size, and control the outputs independently—even before establishing an active connection to QuadHead2Go—making video wall deployment easy.

For OEMs and system integrators seeking to customize applications ranging from single-function operation to thorough integration, the complimentary Matrox QuadHead2Go REST API is available upon request.

White-label re-branding options

OEMs and integrators can personalize the appearance of the Matrox PowerWall user interface for easy re-branding of Matrox software—for example, with new enterprise naming, logos, colors, buttons, and identity. Pre-saved images in the units that are useful for setting up display positions, bezel management, and troubleshooting, can also be customized, allowing for greater familiarity and ease of use by installers, as well as complete end-to-end rebranding.

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