End of life (EOL) effective August 2010
The Matrox PJ-40LP is an EOL product and is no longer being manufactured or sold by Matrox. Consult your local resellers and distributors for available inventory. Customers looking for alternative solutions should contact Matrox.

Matrox PJ-4OLP

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For Ultra-Wide Screen Projection

Delivering high quality digital and analog output, along with key features such as edge-overlapping, the Matrox PJ-4OLP can be combined with edge-blending technologies for the seamless delivery of digital content across two, three or four projectors.

  • Support for up to 4 digital or analog projectors at a time
  • Edge-overlap support across 2, 3 or 4 projectors
  • Flexible support for 2 x 1, 3 x 1, 4 x 1 and 2 x 2 configurations
  • 66 MHz PCI interface (compatible with all PCI and PCI-X slots) for PJ-4OLP display controller
  • 256 MB graphics memory
  • Dual 400 MHz 10-bit RAMDACs
  • Matrox UltraSharp Display Output Technology
  • Industry leading MTBF and robust driver support
  • OpenGL® and Microsoft® DirectX™
  • Three-year parts and labor warranty

Hardware included

  • Matrox display controller
  • Necessary cables and connectors

Software included

  • Matrox display driver for Microsoft® Windows® XP x64, Windows® XP and Windows® 2000
  • Matrox PowerDesk (driver interface and utilities)